Bilaketa History

Bilaketa’s chronicle is made up of small and big things alike, or rather we could say it is made of small things that in fact are, at the same time, something big, significant and unique. This chronicle is being written every single day of the year in the small municipality of Aoiz (population: 2001 inhabitants) since 1976, when Salvador Gutiérrez Alcántara – you can call him Salva – and a group of young locals started Bilaketa’s adventure to reactivate their municipality’s cultural and social life. All of them being underage, what began as informal meetings held on the village’s central plaza – no other venue was available at that time – has become with the passing of time something big to be proud of and which speaks for itself.

Bilaketa has three domains of activity, namely, culture, elders and youth. All these sections comply with the statement above that this is a chronicle of small and big things alike.

Senior-oriented’ programmes comprise cultural trips as well as the launching of the Francisco Ynduráin Senior University, providing an opportunity for older people to get together and hold meetings, where the staff consists of volunteers and the training is delivered in different venues in Aoiz, Estella and Pamplona. The volunteers working in the section for cultural affairs can be organising a concert one day and then preparing the latest edition of the international poetry, fiction, painting and sculpture contests the next, with participants from the five continents and a substantial prize.

This example, worth lasting and acknowledgeable, can only be explained through the most genuine meaning of the word love.