Bilaketa is the main force and promoter behind the scheduling of cultural and artistic activities in Aoiz since 1976. Drama, recitals, classical music, folklore, dance to name but a few, are some of the areas covered by a dozen volunteers.

The first editions of three of our four cultural international contests were held on the year following Bilaketaís foundation: Villa de Aoiz Poetry Award, Tomas Fermin de Arteta Fiction Award and Villa de Aoiz Painting Award. Some years later, the Outdoor Sculpture Award followed.

These contests rate among the most influential celebrated in Spain because of the sum awarded to winners, their continuity and the importance of the members of the jury.

Since it was established, Bilaketa’s Culture Unit has published several anthologies presenting the works of award-winners and runner-ups to the Poetry and Fiction contests. Besides, Bilaketa has also published two works by local authors on the history and traditions of Aoiz and on the traditional daily life of the locality.

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