The Youth Unit has consecrated its work since 1976 to the development of a quality Free Time for children and young people, providing alternative leisure activities and building a framework of human and educational relations from the viewpoint of new values and goodness.

The Youth Units approach does not simply use existing models, but is rather developing its own pedagogical theory with the contributions from experts in education and human relations.

There is a lot of free time when school day is over, on Saturday afternoons and during holidays. In all, they make up a lot of hours that can be either positive or negative depending on the activity. Sometimes too much time is devoted to watching television, to doing nothing or even to being on the streets.

Our present society, not to mention the near future, has more and more free time, and children and young people should learn how to organise it. Free time can be a time for fun and creativity, a time to learn new things and to make new friends.

The young members of Bilaketa’s Youth Unit join the activities voluntarily, and can chose in which to participate at any time. That is why they enjoy them and feel at ease.

Each group has between three and four monitors and trainers who elaborate the activity plan (quarterly, annual, etc.) according to the interests, needs and characteristics of the group.

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