Bilaketa’s Elders Unit is supported by a team of monitors and trainers (six in all) working people over-55 years from Aoiz and the region (over 400 members).

This Units objectives are the following:


Recovering control over one’s body and mind through yoga, mental relaxation, swimming, sophrology, body expression techniques and any activity leading to well-being and personal satisfaction.

Education / Culture

In a situation of cultural decline or knowledge stagnation, this Area aims to reactivate the social and cultural life of older people, groups or communities.

Free Time / Leisure Time

At a time when free time the more available and abundant, this section aims to skill and re-skill its members to spend their free time in a creative and satisfying way, promoting their participation in activities strengthening their imagination and artistic/aesthetic abilities and developing their manual skills, ludic values and a spirit of sharing. It also seeks to foster human relations and communication so as to counteract isolation.

Elders Unit is registered in the Register of Entities and Associations of the Government of Navarre.

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