Txaranga Music Band


It was the autumn of 1997 when the agoizko Patxi Goñi Viana, with around fifteen young people, set out to create a new txaranga in Aoiz. In 2000, and due to its founder’s illness, Juan Beroiz Vergara took the lead. Juan is a local musician who has played in different bands. Txaranga Bilaketa was made up of around thirty young musicians and it shared its music for twenty years until its dissolution in October 2017.
The music group went all over different villages, mainly from Navarre and the Basque Country, liven up the streets with a varied repertoire; from the classic pasacalles, jotas or mexicanas to the most modern music. In its trajectory, there are some performances worth mentioning, such as the one in Malaga’s festival in 2006, invited by the town hall of Malaga, or the concert offered in Parque del Retiro in Madrid in 2009. As a celebration for its tenth anniversary in 2007, the music group recorded a CD with fourteen songs, and put on stage the Broadway musical with the help of singers and dancers from Aoiz. In 2011 they would repeat the experience with a new musical: Cabaret.

2006 Malaga Festival Performance

In August 2006 they traveled to Malaga to act in the festival, invited by the City Council.

2012 XV Aniversary Celebration

2012 April 29 and 30, was the XV Anniversary, and after one year of trials, they represented the musical of Cabaret in the Culture House of Aoiz.

2007 X Aniversary Celebration

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, they recorded a CD of 14 songs and at December 28 and 29, they represented Broadway’s musical, with the txaranga, dancers and singers.