Youth Information Office

Bilaketa’s Youth Information Office was inaugurated as of 19 October 1993.

Since it opened its doors, the office was registered in the Register Youth Information Offices and Points of the Institute for Sports and Youth Issues of the Government of Navarre.

The Youth Information Office is a public and free service, whose purpose is to make information into a useful tool for the social, economic and cultural development of the young people of Aoiz and the region.

The information available at the Youth Information Office is structured according to the classification principles of Documentation and Information Centres.


Providing information and guidance on features granting a better access of young people and collectives to social opportunities.

Disseminating, within its scope of activity, offers and calls that may be of interest for young people.

Collaborating with other Information Offices and Points on issues pertaining to young people, dissemination materials and information.

Itemizing, classifying and making available to young people the existing documentary materials on youth issues, women’s studies, etc.

Youth Information Points in Navarre

European Youth Information Charter