Open air museum

Bilaketa’s wish to provide Aoiz with reference points, with works of art which fit in with the environment at specific locations, was one of the objectives in mind when it started its open-air museum.

The museum consists of a set of sculptures located in different public places, maintaining a close relationship with the cultural interests of the population, a place in which visitors can lose themselves in the local streets as if they were museum rooms. The idea was to turn Aoiz itself into a museum, favouring tourism and the appeal of the municipality.

The works of art include Alegre recuerdo (Happy memory) by Faustino Aizkorbe; Bioforma-D (Bioform-D) by Mari Carmen Portero; Recuerdo de los antiguos juzgados (Memory of the old courtroom) by Carmelo Astrain and Origen (Origin) by Jesús Alberto Eslava.

Visitors can consult a useful street map showing the route available at the Head Offices of Bilaketa and the Tourist Office.