Mariano García Music Academy


The Music Academy, established in 1980, took on its name after the famous Aoiz-born composer Mariano Garcia Zalba, born in Aoiz on 26th July 1809 and who died in Pamplona on 5th February 1869. He was the founder of the Municipal Music Academy of Pamplona and the composer of many popular works, among others Miserere, The Seven Words of Jesus Christ on the Cross, May Flowers Farewell, The Vespers of San Fermin, etc.

The Academy was directed by the musician and Bilaketa member Patxi Goñi, since it was founded and until the 1988/89 academic year. The teaching staff consists mostly of graduate teachers with pedagogical and instrumental certified competences, most of which are additionally developing their professional musical career, a key feature in the delivery of a top quality and contemporary teaching standard.

The first three courses were consecrated to disseminating the activity of the Academy among the local population of Aoiz and to laying the grounds for the Academy’s Educational Project  the working paper was completed by the end of the 1980/1981 Academic Year.


C/ Francisco Ynduráin, 12
31430 AOIZ
Telephone: 948 336 598