International Outdoor Sculpture Contest


Bilaketa has shown over its years of activity a definite interest in the different domains of cultural life. The Villa de Aoiz Poetry Award, the Tomas Fermin de Arteta Fiction Award and the Villa de Aoiz Painting Award are a clear sign of this spirit, and the recent Sculpture Award meant a new challenge in this direction.


  • Linking the utopia of art with the general public’s daily activities.
  • Raising the awareness of the general public sponsoring their direct contact with works of art.
  • Supporting young artists.
  • Creating an artistic forum in the municipality of Aoiz.
  • Turning Aoiz into a Museum City.
  • Creating a regional cultural point of interest 20 minutes drive from Pamplona.
  • Adding a new dimension to spots and corners of Aoiz apparently having no special appeal.


The Award is granted annually, with a single prize worth twelve thousand euro (EUR 20,000.00).


This contest has many positive effects for the cultural life of Aoiz and the whole of Navarre. Attaining a fourteen-year continuity of the contest would turn the municipality into a cultural key point of reference beyond the scope of the region. In addition, it would turn the municipality into a tourism reference point for any visitor to the region, a mere 20 minutes drive from Pamplona.