The academic year is divided into two semesters, each of which offers different courses, typically with a duration of 15 hours (one hour per week per course). The first semester covers the months from October to February, while the second one spans from February to June.

Enrollment period

The enrollment month for the first semester is September, and for the second semester, it is February. To find out the specific enrollment dates or to obtain any other information of interest, simply get in touch with the Central Headquarters via the toll-free phone number 948 33 65 98.

Admission Rules:


In a general sense, anyone who wishes to can access UMAFY’s studies, regardless of their previous education or qualifications. The only condition is to be over 55 years old, having reached this age before December 31st of the year in which enrollment takes place.

Despite this age restriction, and in line with UMAFY’s ideals of openness and intergenerational learning, a certain number of slots have been reserved for individuals between the ages of 18 and 54. However, these slots cannot exceed 30 percent of the total.

In any case, the choice of content, teaching methodology, and delivery will be carried out according to the demands and possibilities of older adults, as it aligns with UMAFY’s stated objective. In this regard, UMAFY adheres to Article 51.5 of the LOGSE, which states that “the organization and methodology of adult education will be based on self-learning, based on their experiences, needs, and interests.”

Student ID card

The UMAFY card is an identification card that certifies you as a member of the organization. Its validity lasts for one academic year.

Cum Laude insurance

Active professors, administrative and services staff, as well as students enrolled in UMAFY, regardless of their age, are eligible for the Cum Laude insurance coverage (Accident and Civil Liability).