Structure and Methodology

Structure and Methodology

The various courses offered by UMAFY each semester are organized into four sections: the Humanities Section, the Social Sciences Section, the Experimental Sciences Section, and the Health Sciences and Physical Activities Section.

A limited number of seats have been established for each course to ensure active student participation and appropriate monitoring by the instructor. Evaluation is carried out continuously and not solely through knowledge assessments via exams.

Once a course is completed, students who request it receive a certificate confirming their completion of the course. After completing a certain number of credits (approximately after three years of study), students are awarded a Diploma.

Complementary Activities

As a complement to its teaching activities, UMAFY regularly organizes cultural trips, museum visits, and other activities that enhance the content of its courses.

Many of these activities, such as exhibitions or talks and conferences, are open to the public, including individuals who are not directly affiliated with UMAFY.

In this way, UMAFY aims to achieve one of its objectives outlined in its Organization and Management Document, which pertains to promoting culture in the social sphere, beyond the confines of the academic environment.