Everyone counts, including Older Persons in Navarre

Course modules

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Memory training

It is based on two phenomena that are currently beyond doubt: neuronal plasticity and cognitive reserve. In the psychological context, it relies on the learning capacity of older individuals. This capacity for learning, which was underestimated until recently, is now clearly demonstrated, and numerous current studies are investigating its potential both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The training is theoretically rooted in cognitivism and refers to this paradigm in its conception of memory, language, attention, perception, learning, and so on.

Oral storytelling

We follow the school of Oral Storytelling by Nicia Grillo (Brazil) and Inno Sorsy (England), in which the story condenses wisdom to enhance human development, and the storyteller is the instrument for transmitting that knowledge. It’s not about dramatizing the stories but rather sharing them from one’s own experience of them. What matters is not who tells the story but what the story conveys.